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Special CRAZY Bonus Deal!
Purchase an Ultimate Ad package to promote your CAC Affiliate site and you'll receive these amazing bonuses!
5,000+ Follow-up Magic Leads instead of 1,000
 * Special Bonus: Lead Capture page I create & use for you!
* 100 Co-op Visits (I share the sales with you)
...A share in a 200,000 daily email blast!
(I send 200,000 emails daily and share the traffic with no more than 10 people including YOU!)


Note: You can use your DISCOUNT order link to promote ANY business you like. You do not have to promote your CAC Affiliate site in order to use the discount link. If you do use it to promote your cac site, we will provide the bonuses to you. Otherwise you will still receive the powerful Ultimate Ad package as outlined on your site.

See "Crazy" Bonus Details Here!

We Place Real People to Your Web Site!
Your Classified Ad Central Tool Kit!
Advertise your site  ~  Earn Big Money! Get Paid every 72 hours!

$100 on Ultimate Ad packages!
70% of your orders will result in $100 commissions!
$25 on Guaranteed Traffic and Silver/Gold packages! 
$25 Lifetime Bonus Commissions!
....on every sale your customers ever make (for LIFE!)
Plus $25 on every person who sets up their own reseller site from your page!

How Much?... If you had 100 people making only ONE SALE per WEEK you would be earning $10,000 per Month from THEIR efforts alone! This doesn't even factor in your own income from your own direct sales, which is 4 times greater per sale than what your sales force earns for you!

Click Here to Find out How and When Commissions are Paid.

Every website owner needs our Advertising service. The demand is never satisfied. This is your chance to cash in. Start promoting using some of the techniques below. We'll fulfill all the orders. You'll receive your commission earnings every 72 hours! ...Joseph Iorio

Ok.... let's get started!

Pay Per Click Ads, Print Ads & Online Ads (like the Insane Bonus package above) are the place to begin. Start where you feel comfortable and then build your promotion budget and your income will build as well.


"Probably the best kept secret around"

      You could place a small classified ad in the back of any Entrepreneur magazine for $100 or so. If this one ad pulled in 1 sale per week, you would profit $400 per month from the one ad alone. Place your ad in multiple magazines and watch your earning soar! See Classified Ad info. below.

Wolf Agency - Click Here

Classified Ads & Display Ads

Wolf Ad Agency offers Low Cost CLASSIFIED ADS in all the Home Biz magazines! Classified Ads are SIMPLE to place. Just visit Wolf Enterprises and pick your magazine & place your order from their site.

Sample Classified Ad:

Advertise to Millions of Entrepreneurs! Explode your business!

Your Advertisement e-mailed to Millions of Entrepreneurs within 24 Hours!


Display Ads are ads that are placed throughout magazines and come in various sizes. Your most cost effective display ad is a 1"x 2" display ad. Wolf Enterprises offers great packages plus they'll design the ad for you.

*Stamp of Approval!....  Wolf Ad Agency is one of the Best!
Example of display Ad right below.

10,000 Visitors to Your website within 30 days!
Real Customers - Real Sales!

ADVICE: Wolf will design your ad for you but remember to keep 
it short and enticing! (like the above example)

Another example: 

Solo Ad to 500,011 Entrepreneurs TODAY!
Watch your SALES pour in!

Warning! Advertise in the Business MAGAZINES... Don't buy an expensive 3 day ad in USA today.   


Contact Us
RPI Classifieds
P.O. Box 570
Clearwater, FL 33757
Phones: 800-762-3555, 727-507-7505



Sample Classified Ads:

Advertise to Millions of Entrepreneurs! Explode your business!

Red-Hot Advertising * Lead capture with automated Follow-up!

10,000 Visitors to Your Web Site Starting Today!

Full Page Advertisement to 500,011 Entrepreneurs within 24 hours!

10,000 Web Site Visitors. Only $199.00

** Tip #1:  for Classified Ads, keep your ad SHORT and ENTICING! No more than 10 words or the min. the magazine will allow. (LESS is BETTER) Just get them to the web site. Let the site do the selling. Magazine Sources are listed below. 

** Tip #2: Use your own domain and forward it to your CAC affiliate site.... or at least use a short url service like:  or  or  (has tracking too)

EXAMPLE: forwards to my cac affiliate site. is SIMPLE to use.

I have advertised for FIFTEEN years in every one of the magazines listed below and still haven't scratched the surface. There's plenty of room for everyone with print ads. Print advertising has been a major contributor to my success and will be for you too. 


Click here for AmericasMedia

Contact Vicki Smith 
(800) 825-2461 
(352) 597-6201 fax 
13169 Jacqueline Road 
Brooksville, Florida 34613 
Email here  or    

Small Business Opportunities Click Here!             Home Business Connection ..... Click Here!

Sample Ad:
We email 1 Million prospects your full-page advertisement today!

Note: very few people take advantage of this resource because they don't want to wait a few weeks for the ad to go out... BIG mistake. Print ads are very effective.

Places to Run Classified Ads Below!

Entrepreneur -  $11.70 per word ($10.70 per word for 3 issues) 10 word min. Call 800-762-3555 or online  Email:  
Home Business Magazine - 1) Visit 
2) Click the "Print Advertising" Channel on left hand side 3) Click "Classified Ad" Channel. $3 per Word (15 word Min)
Money n Profits & Opportunity World Magazine - Call 1-800-825-2461 $8.95 per Word (14 word min) Discounts multiple issues.

HBC - (another very good magazine to advertise in)

Small Business Opportunities -Visit site link below and click on "Advertise" on the left hand side. or contact Vicki Smith 
America Media. (800) 825-2461  


Sales Spider Network

Social Marketing is RED HOT & SUPER EFFECTIVE! It is the present and the FUTURE of Marketing!

Sign up Free and begin making free posts, adding friends and sending them your CAC Affiliate site link.

This site is AMAZING! I know marketers who have gotten RICH from this site from FREE promotion! It's the Facebook for Entrepreneurs.

907,303,658 ....YES!
Make that
1,068,021 Business Members!

Over 1 MILLION members and GROWING!
All Home Based Business enthusiasts and Entrepreneurs!

No Non-sense social network. No kids, no mindless conversations..... it's all TARGETED for like minded business people just like YOU!

Free Advertising * Paid Ads
Market through your friend lists!
You name it they have it!

Hot Idea! Run a PAID ad on their Network.
It's only $149.00 for an entire Month on their site.

Here's How:
Join, and login.

On the ADVERTISE TAB across the top click
"Self Serve"

Write your Ad. (example)

Solo Ad sent to 1 Million
We Create and Deliver a Stand Alone Ad for YOUR Business!

(your CAC Aff Link)


Advertise Directly to Your CAC Affiliate Lead Capture Page.
* if in the past you have ordered an Ultimate Ad package to promote your CAC site then we have already created a lead capture bonus page for you. You can use that page in your Sales Spider advertisement. It will bring in sales and also build your salesforece by pulling in resellers to your team.
$100 a pop selling Advertising on Auto-pilot!
Paid every 72 hours!

(your cac aff lead capture page link)

You can Upload a photo to your ad at no additional charge.

Pay Per Click Listings!

When people ask me where do I start?
.... I tell them "Print ads" and "PPC."
Pay Per Click Listings are CRITICAL to your success!

Studying this information below will result in a lot of MONEY in your Pocket!

If you develop your skills by using PPC you can build an enormous income selling advertising. It's not hard but it does require getting familiar with the listing procedure of the PPC Engine.

Pay per click allows you to get listed at the top of the engines by bidding on keywords. You pay (per click) the amount you bid.

Before you begin.... It is highly recommended that you use your OWN DOMAIN rather than list directly to your cac affiliate link when utilizing PPC.

You can purchase a domain for very cheap from

It's pretty easy to use your own domain. Either use masked forwarding from your domain to your cac affiliate link or just go to your affiliate site and copy the source code and create your own page on your own domain.

If you need help contact me once you have your domain set up.
ONLY contact me AFTER you have your domain and hosting already set up and I'll set up the page for you.

PAY per CLICK Directory!
(top 8 PPC Engines to Use)

Here's How to Do it:

Sign up with one of the PPC engines from the link above. Then begin adding listings.
SUGGESTION: Always select "EXACT MATCH " when listing your keywords rather than BROAD MATCH.

Bid on keywords that reflect the names of business opportunities in addition to the obvious terms like "advertise" and 'website promotion"

For example: 
Bid on the keyword
Skinny Fiber,, SkinnyFiber, etc. and have your listing look something like this....

Title: Advertise your Skinny Fiber Site
Description: We advertise for Skinny Fiber members. See our site for samples.
www.Your Affiliate Url

Another example: 
Bid on the keyword "Mpbtoday,, mpb today etc. and have your listing look something like this....

Title: Advertise Your MPB Today Site
Description: We advertise for MPB Today members. See our site for samples.
www.Your Affiliate Url (or Your domain url)

You'll be able to bid much lower using this method and you'll still receive targeted traffic. This is because many people who join a business wind up searching the net to see what other members are doing. They'll see all of these similar sites trying to recruit members and then your site will come up telling them WHERE to ADVERTISE.

It's an effective technique and can be used on the numerous PPC engines utilizing the MANY keyword terms of the current Internet businesses.

There are HUNDREDS of internet businesses. Every time you come across an Internet business, add another listing to your PPC Engine portfolio using the method above.  

Key Word Suggestions:
Start with the bread and butter listings:

Solo ads, solo ad, contact solo ads, website promotion, web site promotion, site promotion, promote my site, promote my website, promote my web site, advertise my website, advertise my site, advertise site, advertise website, how do i advertise my website, where do i advertise my site, etc.

Next list the current hot biz opp as your keywords.........

Skinny Fiber, SkinnyFiber,,

I'll list more keywords below but make sure you use "variations" of the word just like I did above.

Variations example:, 124marketingsystem, 124 marketing system, 124 marketingsystem.


Empower Network, Auto Pilot Profits, Profit Machine, MPB Today, Skinny Fiber, Slim Berry, Chronic Commissions,, Global Success Club,,, Auto Cash Bot,,


Tip:  Use your own domain in your PPC ads and re-direct it to your CAC Affiliate site. 


Ultimate Ad Package

Use your own Classified Ad Central site to Promote Your CAC Site!

Just order an Ultimate Ad package from your CAC Discount Order page below and receive our INSANE BONUSES to go along with your Ultimate Ad package.

When you factor in your $100 commission, the Ultimate Ad will cost you Only $199. This means anything over 2 sales and it's pure profit. The Ultimate Ad brings in sales right away PLUS long term sales, especially with the "follow-up magic" running for 100 days.


NEW "CRAZY" BONUSES for ALL CAC Affiliates who promote their CAC Affiliate site via the "ULTIMATE AD" package.

In addition the complete Ultimate Ad package you will receive:

Bonus #1...YES!
1,000 Prospects. Make that 5,000+ Prospects!
We'll pump 5,000 prospects into your Follow-up Magic portion of you campaign!
(we send to these prospects DAILY for 100 Days!)

5,000 Prospects for a Limited time Only!

**That's 5,000 chances to pocket $100 commissions (plus 2nd level lifetime commissions)

Bonus #2...YES! My own Prospect Grabber Lead Capture Page!
I've set up a special lead capture landing page on a secret site I use to generate the greatest leads you can find. You'll have access to this page once I set it up!

**This gem will pull in super motivated red-hot prospects and place them into a special responder which contacts them & sells to them from YOUR SITE!

Bonus #3 YES! PPC (Pay Per Click) & Print Ad Co-op!

"I'll SHARE the Sales with You!"
I have ads running on Yahoo, Google and MSN with "Advertising Keywords" ...PLUS "PRINT ADS" in every major Entrepreneur magazine.

**YOU will receive a 100+ hit share of this advertising!
I use a rotating url and share the sales with YOU.
These hits costs upwards of $1 per Hit!

I literally spend thousands of dollars a month with this and YOU
will get a share of it!

See the urls in action here:
(this url automatically rotates, sharing the hits)
(the rotating url is built into the links on this page)

Bonus #4 YES!  200K DAILY EMAIL BLAST Co-op!

I've set up a special auto-responder that will email up to 200,000 prospects DAILY.....every single day on auto-pilot!
The email message contains the co-op rotation link which will share the traffic with YOU, just like the ppc and print co-ops are doing!

HOW TO ORDER the Ultimate Ad Package with Crazy Bonuses + Co-op :-)
Just place an "Ultimate Ad" order from your CAC Affiliate page.
or from Your Discount Order Page!


Note: You can use your DISCOUNT order link to promote ANY business you like. You do not have to promote your CAC Affiliate site to use the discount link. If you do use it to promote your cac affiliate site we will provide these bonuses to you. Otherwise you will still receive the powerful Ultimate Ad package as outlined on your site.


This has done very well for us.
It brings in MANY quality visitors to our site. 
It is definitely worth joining. (it's FREE). 



Join Free or Pro? 
Doesn't matter.... Free works good, pro works better..... both are effective!

* We use the pro service. $30/month.
Pro members receive 5,000 page view credits per month!



 For every site you visit (we call this "surfing"), you will receive one visitor back to your site. They provide a fair 1:1 Exchange Ratio. There's no limit to the amount of free hits you can receive per day — 10, 100, or even 1000!

Cash and additional traffic rewards for being active in our traffic exchange.

But that is not all! Refer people to and you will get 10% of the traffic they generate. And not only from direct referrals — you'll also receive hits from members they refer. Referral system grows up to 6 levels.

Signup Here FREE!


Banner Ads

See separate page here for Banner resources.


Your Own Domain

It is not required (many affiliate do not use their own domain) but there are
some benefits to using your OWN DOMAIN rather than list directly to your cac affiliate link.

Your own domain makes yourself brandable when placing your ads. It replaces the long affiliate link with a recognizable url and as well as giving you more options for your page, such as loading it directly to your url and having the freedom to edit the page.

You can purchase a domain for very low cost from


How to Use Your Own Domain

Option 1 : Re-Direct (aka Forwarding) via Your own Domain.

Re-directing your domain from Godaddy is one option. Re-directing does not require any hosting and can be done from your Godaddy backoffice.  


Option 2: Load your Page Directly on Your own Domain! 

Another great option is to run your CAC Affiliate site directly ON YOUR OWN DOMAIN. You can do so by doing the following:

Once you have your domain set up you must also have HOSTING. You can use any hosting company you like or just purchase Godaddy hosting from your Godaddy backoffice. You can use the lowest cost option they offer.

Once you have your hosting set up, you can upload your page directly to your domain name.

We can help you with a basic "as is" upload. However if you want to make changes to the page you must do so yourself.

Note: this is not for beginners. You should have a general knowledge of html, hosting and ftp uploading.

1. Right Click on your affiliate site and Copy the html source code and upload it on your own page on your domain.

2. Send us your url for final approval. We'll double check the coding and make sure the order links are set up properly.

Any changes to your page must be approved by us before you can use it. Just send us your url and we'll review it.


Additional url options:  Shorten Your Url...

If you do not have a domain, you can shorten your url via these free services here:  | 

Use your own domain and forward it to your CAC affiliate site.... or at least use a short url service like: (free and instant with no account needed) or 
or  (has tracking too)





Sample Solo Ad

E X P L O D E   Y O U R   B U S I N E S S !

Click Here to ADVERTISE!
>>>  <<<

Advertise YOUR Business Now!
Solo Ads * Guaranteed Hits * Automated Follow-Up

Real customers.... Real Sales!

All the top marketers use our service!

We have SPECIFIC Ad Copy for YOUR business!
//// Visit our site and view our samples \\\   

Our Effective Advertising = SALES for your Business!
........ MONEY in your Pocket! 

Wishing you and your business great success!
Joseph Iorio 


Interested in Selling Advertising to the 1 Billion Entrepreneurs that MUST have it right now? Rake in money as an Affiliate! See my web site for details. 

Short Ad copy

A D V E R T I S E Y O U R W E B S I T E !

We will advertise your business to Millions of Prospects!
*Solo Ads * Lead Capture with Follow-up * Guaranteed Visitors!

Joe Iorio

Short Ad copy
We will Advertise Your Website to
1 MILLION Entrepreneurs
... within 24 Hours!


Sample Html Ad Below

Advertise YOUR Business Now!

Real customers.... Real Sales!

Advertising Packages for YOUR Specific Program!

Our Ultimate Advertising Package!

Solo Ad to 500,011 Prospects!
1,000 "30 Second" Guaranteed Visitors!
 1,000 Bonus Targeted Guaranteed Visitors!  

Classified Ad to
2,138 safelists!
1025 Leads Captured and sent
100 Days of automated follow-up!


All of our Advertising Works!

We Advertise for EVERY business on the Net!

Interested in Selling Advertising?

It's the most sought after product online....EVER!
They'll line up to buy from you!
Sell Advertising for HUGE Profit!

ONE BILLION Entrepreneurs MUST advertise..... sell it to them and RAKE in Thousands of Dollars!

We do all the work. You just send people to your affiliate site and receive your money DAILY!

(I've earned more money selling advertising than I have with 
anything else in my life..... I've done so for over 9 years!)

P.S. See our $10,000 per Month Plan on our site!


PRWeb Press Release!

Do a Press Release! This company is the cream of the crop. They will give your site MASSIVE Exposure across the Net and will give you a great chance to get listed on page one of Google, Yahoo, MSN & Bing!

Note: this resource is for serious members. You should have your own domain. The press release will be optimized for search engine placement on page one.

Choose the "ADVANCED PACKAGE" Release for $199.
You may also want to select additional service upgrades where they will review or write your release for you.

Expect to pay a little money for this resource, but it's quite the service!


Coming Soon
Flying Solos

Get 50 FR.EE Contact Solos per month, plus MUCH more, here:

Flying Solos PLUS Membership, Just $16.97/Month For EVERYTHING on their site!
(it's pretty impressive)



Auto-responder are a powerful weapon in any marketers arsenal.
Rather than advertise directly to your site, use a lead capture page and have daily messages sent to the prospect for days upon days (all on auto-pilot)!

Keep Sending them back to your CAC Affiliate site via the messages in your auto-responder series and eventually they will buy.

I've used auto-responders for over 10 years now. In my opinion, using auto-responders may be the most important method of promotion in your arsenal. It gives you total control over your marketing efforts. The end result is money in your pockets.

Here are two top auto-responder services on the Net.  and 

* It is important to LEARN and develop as an Entrepreneur. It will take some time to get familiar with such systems. My advice... meet the challenge head on and learn how to use auto-responders. Join a service, pick it apart and experiment with it for several days and then utilize it! 

Lead Capture Pages with Built in Auto-Responders

The ability to capture leads and automatically follow-up with them is a huge plus for you. Below are services which offers several enticing lead capture pages to choose from. 

You'll be able to capture leads and send automatic follow-up to them.

BTW: New user friendly services are popping up online all the time. You could also perform a current search online for the latest Lead Capture with Auto-responder systems.
Search "lead capture page", "squeeze pages" "auto-respnders" "Sizzle sites" etc.



Entrepreneur - 

Small Business Opportunities - 

Home Business Magazine - 

Money Making Opportunities - 

Opportunity World Magazine - 

SOHO Jobs - 

HBC - 

Network Marketing Business Journal - 

Wolf Enterprises - 

Multi Listings - 

Opportunity Connection - 

Nationwide Newspapers - 

Banner Advertising:

Microsoft Small Business Center

Traffic Swarm - 

Commission Procedure
We’ve been paying our affiliates every 72 hours since 1997!

Here's How You will be Paid Commissions: 
As each order comes in, we will first check it for fraud and then process the order. The moment the order is fulfilled, we will send out your commission. (typically within 72 hours from when the order clears). 

Commissions are paid via Paypal.
You will receive an email notification informing you that money has been sent to you.

If you don't have an Paypal account, don't worry, you will be given a link to set up a FREE account when your commission notice arrives. Simply set up the account and the money will automatically be placed in it. You may withdraw your money at any time.

 Sales Data is Sent Via Email. 
(it is not located in your back office)
When you earn a commission, we will send you the details of the sale.
The info included will be the Customers NAME, the Package Ordered and the AFFILIATE who sold the package.

When you make a 2nd level sale, we will also include the website from which the sale originated from. 
This way you will know exactly who in your downline made the sale.

There are NO Sales Stats in the Back Office.
If you wish to compile the data, SAVE your commission emails!

Here's an Example of what you'll receive:
Commission Notice!

Congratulations You Just Earned a Commission!
* $100 Commission! Identifier: Ultimate Ad Package!
(sold by affiliate
- Purchased by: John Alexander
Date of Sale: Wed 9/8/2012 10:01 PM


When you make a 2nd level sale, we will also include the website from which the sale originated from. This way you will know exactly who in your downline made the sale. To see how we code your id into the order form, you can go to that website and click the order button and you'll see "your own cac id" listed as the "Sub Affiliate"

Congratulations You Just Earned a Commission!
* $25 2nd level commission!
(Sub Affiliate=
- Purchased by: Joe Customer. Sale originated from:
Date of Sale: Wed 9/8/2012 10:01 PM


When you sell an affiliate site, we will also include their website so you can see the members websites that are in your team.

Congratulations You Just Earned a Commission!
* $25 Commission! - Identifier: CAC Affiliate Web Site
(sold by affiliate, from
- Purchased by: Ed Smith whose page is:

This members is now in your sales force. You will earn on every sale they ever make. You can check their order form on their site and see YOUR id listed as the sub affiliate.


Back Office
The back office is ONLY to be used for editing personal info.  We do not use an elaborate backoffice (because it is not needed). We use a "hands on" manual process. Our affiliate software is simple, fast loading and VERY effective. The end result of our system is that our Affiliates

You will always get paid from us. You will never lose a commission.
We’ve been paying our affiliates every 72 hours for over 15 years!

Change your Payment email via the BackOffice office or send it to us and we'll take care of it ASAP.

Change Payment Email Here



Potential Income!
 Ultimate Advertising Package!
How Much will You Earn per Sale?
on all Guaranteed Visitor, Silver & Gold Solo Ad Packages!  
on Ultimate Ad Packages.
70% of your orders will result in $100 commission!
on EVERY second level sale!
($25 LIFETIME Commissions on EVERY sale your Sales Force ever makes!)
Plus $25 on every person who sets up their own reseller site from your page!

How much will you earn each month, starting with DIRECT sales?

Sales per day  Total Income per Month


   $3,000 + Sales Force earnings


   $6,000 + Sales Force earnings


Projected Sales Force earnings based on 100 in your team 
making ONLY 1 sale per Week!

Sales per Week  Bonus Income per Month





You could have 100's of people in your Sales Force. 
Every time any one of them makes a sale YOU GET PAID! 

Lucrative Earnings!... If you had 100 people making only ONE SALE per WEEK you would be earning $10,000 per Month from THEIR efforts alone!

It's NOT Mlm * NOT a Pyramid or Money Scheme!
...This is about direct selling of a REAL sought after product!
This is why it WORKS!

It's Always about the Product.... it's about SELLING ADVERTISING!!

What makes this so special is that in order to earn money you must sell the product.... in order to build a Sales Force and earn override commissions you must promote the product. 

If you sell the product, your Sales Force will automatically continue to grow and GROW earning you more & more Money!  The same goes for the people who sign on as resellers (under you). 
They can only earn if they sell the product, which translates into more money for you!

We handle the entire order and fulfillment process!  
Just promote your page and Earn Big Money!

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Contact us Here!
All email inquiries are replied to ASAP.


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